The Email Arms Race Escalation

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Those of us leveraging the Secrets of the List to communicate and build our brand might want to echo Jimmy Fallon, who writes on-air Thank You notes every Friday. Why? Because we share an email epidemic of spam, unwanted marketing subscriptions, social media alerts and much more. Plus the Email Arms Race to help solve this dilemma is moving painfully slowly.  So let your readers know they are appreciated. It’s essential.

“E-mail was once a great tool for communication, one that was less intrusive than the telephone and faster than the Postal Service,” says New York Times writer, Jenna Wortham. “Now, even when it works as designed, it’s a virtual nightmare — and, occasionally, an actual one. I’ve had many a stress dream about missing important notes from my boss.”

MediaPost’s Mike May says, “Look to marketers to focus more on the channels with the highest ROI. Leading the way is email, at about $40 in sales for every $1 spent, according to the DMA. Do not be surprised to see email funds stolen back from social media, where the ROI is only about one-third as much. Once marketers realize how profitable their email channel is…spending money for the express purpose of attracting new subscribers becomes entirely feasible.”

So email’s ROI remains high, but its productivity or efficiency is tumbling. What is there to do? According to reports there are 2.2 billion email users worldwide and traffic has risen to 144 billion messages each day.

In the NYT article, Altimeter Group’s Susan Etlinger, who studies how users interact with email, confronts the issue saying, “The current model of e-mail feels obsolete. The spam problem has mostly been fixed, at least in terms of what is legitimately supposed to be spam. It’s the unwanted e-mails that are so horrifying.”

Many technologists point to Gmail as the last major escalation in the email software arms race. But recently Mailbox, a new IOS app has debuted promising meaningful user improvements and gathering strong reviews.

MAIL2Blogger and email consultant Joshua Lyman is optimistic email overload can be tamed in his blog Email is not broken, we are.

How Do You Deal With The Email Deluge?
Have you discovered a favorite email management solution? Please share your favorite time management, tips and tricks in the comments below.

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